Project Description


Eco-Top labels suitable for all types of weighing machines of various dimensions with simple or enhanced maintenance glue or glue for freezing temperatures.

Available in white and pre-printed, with customer-selected items.

Indicative examples

Material design and selection

We design our products by understanding each customer’s information, needs and requirements, always keeping in mind that design is a dynamically evolving process. The constant emergence of new materials with new properties broaden our choices which is why we apply a special selection methodology.

Prototype Creation and Enhancements

Rapid prototype deployment greatly reduces development costs and the entire production cycle in general. Paperia’s collaboration with the customer to control and improve the product benefits us both.

Finished Product and Delivery

At Paperia, we take into account the point at which the product is ready to go on the market as the customer should feel confident about both delivery time and quality. We invest in this value throughout production.


Powerful partnerships

Through its experience, Paperia has created a strong network of partnerships with the leaders in labeling and thermal rolls aiming to offer the best possible solutions to each customer, ensuring a wide range of products, high quality of manufacture at competitive prices, and excellent technical support.

Our partners, which are some of the most renowned and largest companies in their industry, invest the best they can in our vision.


From ordering to selling and pricing our products, a single system with the ability to track all potential errors, in accordance with ISO quality standards, intervenes and improves individual issues and completely renews the automation process.

Quality work

Always aiming to ensure absolute quality, Paperia’s production lines, in addition to the usual equipment that produces our labels and thermal rolls, are also assisted with additional equipment.

Paperia’s know-how and equipment ensure absolute quality and give the customer the assurance that he will have high quality products at his disposal.

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