“The art of label”

Our systematic and organized processes produce results and satisfied customers.


Each discussion ends with a specific action plan and with a clear agreement with the customer regarding the cost and delivery time.


The top-down project design first identifies the main phases, then separates them into individual operations.


Paperia has the resources, the know-how and the expertise to produce and execute the most demanding products.


Controlling production by comparing objectives to results achieved enable us to protect the customer and improve our competitiveness.


Our consistency and timely delivery of our products create the conditions for excellent cooperation with all customers.

Our products

We provide solutions to your daily needs

Our philosophy

PAPERIA is a company respectful of the old and oriented towards the future.

Our staff continuously trains on existing techniques and new technological developments in the field.

We are here to help you make your sales take off!

Through innovative ideas, solutions & determination.


“We evaluate our journey through the trust you place in us”

Our first priority is to build relationships with our customers and partners. Our basic principle is to treat our customers how we would like to be treated ourselves!

Nikolas Orfanos, Sales Manager

Companies with the most satisfied customers have, on average, 2.5 times faster growth than the industry average. This is what differentiates us from competition.

Antonis Aggelopoulos, ProductionManager

Graphic Design Department

In order to provide immediate service to clients who do not have a graphic designer or who do not work with a graphic designer of their choice, we have a department that offers solutions to those who may or may not have the time to meet this specific need.

Pre-printed Label Sample

Paperia wants to give its customers the opportunity to correct and improve some elements of the design, both when it comes to texts and visual art, before producing final prints.

Customer Support

At Paperia every customer is our partner. Above all, we believe that each customer is unique, and we support him with modern systems and transparent processes.

Customer Uniqueness System Process

Each customer has a unique code with a complete history of all their works and modifications. This helps us eliminate mistakes and improve customer communication.

Product Support

Each of our products acquires greater value and is judged not only by the quality of the original print and production, but also by the product improvements and enhancements at the post-print stages.

Postprinting Services

Paperia provides a large number of different and specialized printing services such as cutting, packaging, gold and silver printing through a wide range of metallic colors, lamination and more.

Contact Paperia!

We would be glad to discuss a product with you.

Fill out the contact form and express your thoughts and needs. Contact us at 210-6628202 and visit us to discuss and guide you through our facilities.

Facilities: 4th km Koropiou – Vari, Industrial Area Koropiou, 194 00, Greece.

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